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Vangoran is an association for all interested in the breeds of cats, Turkish Van and Turkish Angora. The association was founded in 1986, and strives to
bullet.gif (870 bytes) inform about the Turkish Van and Turkish Angora
bullet.gif (870 bytes) keep a healthy breeding of Turkish Van and Turkish Angora without defects
bullet.gif (870 bytes) act in the interest of the owners of Turkish Van and Turkish Angora cats
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Carfa' Shon Calandra
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GIC Little Tim Van Kedi vom Glasbach
We are about 100 members, and have an active and well-established co-operation, including breeding, the sale of kittens and a number of member activities. Please look at our membership page, for further information about becoming a member. If you would like to get in touch with us over Internet, you can find email addresses on our member page.

So, take your shoes off, fill your coffee mug up, give the cat in you lap a pat (it’s more likely to be walking on the screen or over the keyboard), and have a look around our pages for a while. You will find plenty about the cat breeds Turkish Van and Turkish Angora!

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