Standard TUA

GeneralApperanceVery well proportioned in all aspects, graceful and lithe giving the impression of grace and flowing motion.
SizeMedium size for females;
males are slightly larger.
HeadShapeSmall to medium in size, wedge shaped, wide at the top, tapering slightly towards the chin, no pronounced whisker pads or pinch in muzzle. Profile consists of two planes (nose line and flat top of head) that meet at a soft angle above the eyes.
NoseOf medium length, almost straight, very gently curved. No stop or break
Chin Gently rounded, the tip to form a perpendicular line with the nose
EarsShapeLarge, pointed, wide at the base;
Well furnished and tufted
PlacementSet high on the head and close to each other, vertical and erect
EyesShapeLarge, almond in shape;
slanting slightly upwards.
ColourAll colour varieties allowed.
NeckOf medium length; slender and graceful .
BodyStructureFinely boned but muscular cat; light framed chest, torso slender, graceful, lithe. Hind part slightly higher than front, shoulders the same widht as hips.
hind legs longer than front legs
PawsSmall, round and dainty;
tufts between the toes
TailLong and tapering; wide at the base, narrow at the end.
Well furnished.
CoatStructureSingle body coat of medium length; long at the frill. The hair is very fine and shows a silk-like sheen.
The coat is silky and sleek; slightly wavy on the belly.
No undercoat.
ColourAll colour varieties are permitted, including all colour varieties with white; except pointed patterns and chocolate and lilac, cinnamon and fawn.
Any amount of white is allowed, i.e. a white blaze, white locket, white chest, white on the belly, wite on the paws, etc.
RemarksAllowance to be made for jowls in adult males
The frill is not fully-grown during the first year
Summer coat is definitely shorter than winter coat

Scale of point

Headgeneral shape, nose, forhead, jaw and teeth, chin25 p
EarsShape and placement10 p
EyesShape and placement5 p
BodyShape, size, bone structure legs and shape of paws25 p
TailShape and length10 p
Coatquality and texture, length
15 p
5 p
Condition5 p
Total100 points